Dimple's Signature Collection

Introducing the Founder's Signature Collection, an extraordinary ensemble of clothing that encapsulates the essence of elegance, style, and timeless sophistication. Each meticulously crafted garment in this exclusive collection bears the personal touch and artistic vision of the founder, resulting in a truly remarkable and unique range of attire.

Dreamy Lavender

Lavender is the perfect color of the season and chikankari is an all time favorite of every woman's closet. This saree gives you a blend of both.

Whimsical Twilight Saree

A perfect blend of modernity, serenity and tradition twisted together.


Fluorescent Fascination

It's a saree for modern women who are empowered with education and self-love.

Rose Quartz 

Steal the limelight of any party.

Peacock Feather

Perfect for a good day at work.

Imperial Topaz

Wear this saree for a family get together and be the grace and elegance of the party.

Bianca Drape

A very modern saree with a traditional twist.

Brilliant Brushstrokes

Picked this for the soothing color and perfect brushstrokes of our artisan who has painted this saree with all the love and affection. I love the touch of gold on the flowers.

Henna Bliss

Very elegant and subtle saree for those whose want to wear something classy. 

Lilac Lullaby

I picked this for the color and pallu.

Lustrous Royalty

Get on a nostalgic journey with this one.

Spring Fling

 I picked this because it’s monsoon time and florals are in full bloom. It matches the rhythm of the life- Live, love and enjoy.